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GUYS! This is why SheaTribe Beard Oil is a MUST HAVE for YOU!

Several aspirations of most guys center on looking good, staying fit and overall being attractive to the good looking girls. These features are not complete if the outward appearance does not make a lasting impression on who you're trying to woo. Men generally have this "low self-esteem when they lack in one area of body appearance. Bald? Have no beards or Moustache? It becomes generally frustrating when you've been trying to grow your beard since childhood, at least to join the retinue of mature men or be called one of the sweet boys who can rub their beards when talking to a girl.   But how can I grow my beards? There's scarcely a line of beard on my face...

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Welcome to the Tribe!

Shea Tribe was birthed out of a social mission; to empower and equip female local producers whilst encouraging people to take better care of their bodies as a precursor to developing a healthy mind. Our product line consists of shea butter based whipped body & hair butter, face, body, beard and hair oils. The parabens, chemicals and SLS in many beauty products have been proven to have many negative effects on both the environment and day to day health, so natural and organic is the best choice for us and for the planet. Join The Tribe!

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