"You Are Royalty and Your Body Deserves The Best"

Shea Tribe was born from a profound social mission: to uplift local producers and inspire individuals to prioritize holistic well-being as a foundation for nurturing a healthy mind. Our roots lie deep in African history, where the tapestry of our brand is woven with vibrant threads celebrating the beauty inherent in diverse cultures.

Proudly hailing from Nigeria, we are more than just a company; we are a beacon of organic, handmade excellence. Our versatile products boast simple formulations, drawing inspiration from age-old African beauty customs and heritage. Harnessing the potent bounty of Africa's natural treasures, we craft each item with care to promote healthy living and share the richness of African beauty and health formulas with the world.

Every creation from Shea Tribe is infused with passion, ensuring that each use becomes a resounding success for you and your loved ones. Committed to fair trade, women's empowerment, and environmental sustainability, we strive to leave a positive impact in every facet of our business. Join us in our journey to not just capture the global market, but to uplift spirits and redefine beauty, one handmade product at a time.

You Are Royalty & Your Body Deserves The Best

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