About us!

Skincare, crafts & culture from locally sourced, organic, eco-friendly and cruelty free ingredients. Made in Nigeria.


Shea Tribe was birthed out of a social mission; to empower local producers and encourage people to take better care of their bodies as a precursor to developing a healthy mind. Birthed from a fascination with African history and the beauty in its cultures. The aim is to show the world that true beauty comes from within an is all around us. We are a company proudly made in Nigeria that creates 100% organic and handmade skincare/grooming products. 

Materials for our products are sourced locally and are 100% organic. Our mission is to promote healthy living, introduce African beauty and health formulas to the world, and capture the global market...

Our current line includes beard oils, beard balms, herbal body and hair oils as well as whipped body butters. All handmade, all big hits. We believe in fair trade. We believe in women empowerment. We believe in sustainability.

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